Will coVID-19 packages be safe?
We understand your concerns and would like to ensure that there is no risk to your order.Many government health agencies, including the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have concluded that you can’t catch the virus from packaging.We will strictly disinfect the goods before they leave the factory, and we can assure you 100% of our packaging safety.

How to register an account
You can register in my account

What if I forget my password
You can choose to click “Forget password” in my account, and then you will receive an email, which will send you the verification code. You need to fill in the verification code on the forgotten password, and then change the password again

Return time:
You can choose to return the product within a maximum of 30 days. You will not accept any return after 30 days from the date of purchase.

Which mode of payment is supported
You can choose paypal to pay, and before you pay, you’ll jump into the paypal security page

Shipping time
Does not include the 2-4 days processing time required to process your order from the date of placing the order.

How Do I track My Order?
You can check your order by tracking Order

How much does shipping cost?
Free shipping on all products

How to keep my privacy safe
Please check the privacy policy